29 November 2017

The Cyprus Olympic Committee, in cooperation with the International Committee of Mediterranean Games and its Co-operation and Development Committee welcomes this weekend the seminar “The Future of the Mediterranean Games”, which will be attended by  Presidents and Officers from 23 NOCs whose teams will participate at the 2018 Tarragona Games.

The Seminar is taking  place at the Olympic Palace, and is attended by ICMG president  Amar Addadi (ALG),  Member of the Executive Board of the European Olympic Committee Spyros Capralos (GRE), and the Chairman of the Co-operation and Development Committee Tullio Paratore  (ITA).

President Amar Addadi opened the conference addressing the theme “Mediterranean Games: Evolution and Challenges for Maintaining the Games”, and Spyros Capralos followed with, “The Experiences of the National Olympic Committees and their views”.

There was then an address by Director of the Italian Olympic Committee Sports School Rossana Ciuffetti on “The Value and Importance of the Mediterranean Games”, and one by Tullio Paratore on “The Heritage of the Mediterranean Games”.

The first day of the conference continued with discussions in two parallel Working Committees, which both proposed recommendations.

On the second day, participants will hear NOC of Cyprus President Dino Michaelides, on “Motivation for the participation of top athletes”, then Member of the ICMG Executive Board Marwan Maghur (LBA) on “Future Actions for Better Mediterranean Games”, followed by former Cypriot “Fair Play” ambassador Chrystalleni Trikomiti on “Fair Play”.

The proceedings of the conference will close with a round table discussion attended by Amar Addadi, Spyros Capralos, Marwan MAghur, Rossana Ciuffetti and Chrystalleni Trikomiti, from which conclusions will be drawn.