22 November 2018

Four-time Olympic champion, Soviet and Belarusian fencer Elena Belova donated special commemorative Mexico 1968 Olympics gifts to the Olympic Museum of the NOC Belarus on 21 November.

Belova handed over Secretary General of the NOC Belarus George Katulin the presents that she had received on occasion of the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the Mexico 1968 Olympic Games last October: a certificate, a plate with the autographs of all the participants of the commemorative event and a special chest with the symbol of the Olympic games – the dove of peace. These will be then exhibited in the NOC Olympic Museum in Minsk.

During her visit, she enthusiastically recalled about the Olympic Games in Mexico City, where she won two Olympic gold medals, and where she came back 50 years later for the special commemorative event.

“It was a great happiness to be back in this beautiful country after so many years” she said. “The most exciting thing is that we found the same people of 50 years ago”.

To celebrate 50 years from the Mexico 1968, the IOC decided to gather sport champions from all continents who were particularly successful at those Games. Among others were famous track and field athlete Bob Beamon (USA), high jumper Dick Fosbery (USA), swimmer Deborah Meyer (USA) and diver Klaus Dibiasi (ITA).

“I want to thank Mexico for hosting such a great event”, she added. “The thing I liked most was when on the final day we arranged a mini Olympics.”

Six thousand volunteers dressed in special uniforms gathered at the stadium and the Olympic torch was lit by the same sportswoman as fifty years ago in front of many spectators. She was also brought to the fencing hall, where she had won her 2 medals, and remembered all the struggle and passion of those competitions.

George Katulin commented that the visit and gifts of Belova were a valuable contribution to the promotion of the Olympic values. “Every week several groups of schoolchildren from all over the country visit the headquarters of the NOC Belarus,” said. “I want to make sure that the name of Elena Belova will be known around all our Belarusian students”.