10 November 2017

On 8 November 2017, the EOC European Union Commission organised its annual meeting in Brussels. The meeting was hosted by the EOC EU Office at its new premises. It was the final meeting of the Commission 2014-2017 with the composition of the Commissions to be reviewed in the upcoming months after the EOC elections at the General Assembly in Zagreb later this month.

The meeting was attended by six members of the Commission: Chair Juri Tamm (Estonia), EOC Executive Committee Member Niels Nygaard (Denmark) and members Rusudan Aptsiauri (Georgia), Larus Blondal (Iceland), Jean Michel Brun (France) and Olga Piperidou (Cyprus).

On the agenda of the meeting was an overview of EU topics related to activities of National Olympic Committees. The members of the Commission discussed among others EU competition policy and the impact on sport, VAT policy and the implementation of the new EU Work Plan for Sport 2017-2020. The members paid close attention to how NOCs coming from non-EU countries could benefit from the activities of the EOC EU Commission. The activities of the EU in terms of sports diplomacy as well as the possibilities offered through the Erasmus+ Sports Programme are worth to mention in this regard.

The meeting was also an excellent occasion to look back on the achievements of the Commission over the past four years and to discuss recommendations for the new EOC EU Commission 2018-2021. All members expressed their support for a continuation of the activities of the EOC EU Commission in the new four-year period.

Juri Tamm concluded the meeting by thanking all members for their active contribution. He also thanked the EOC EU Office for their support to the Commission throughout the period.