15 June 2017

A successful first meeting of women sport executives, entitled “Women in Action”, was held this week at the Hellenic Olympic Committee headquarters in Athens.

HOC Women and Sport Commission Chair Xenia Argeitaki took the initiative to invite all women involved in sport to express their views and personal experiences in order to enhance the position of women in sport.

HOC President Spyros Capralos and the Secretary General Manolis Kolympadis greeted the participants, including commission members, Olympic medallists and champions, and members of the Sports Federations.

Welcoming the participants, Capralos said: ” Today the building of the Greek Olympic Committee is glowing as never before, in the presence of so many women in this Auditorium. And it will stay so in the beauty, the passion and love for sports of all of you who have served or continue to serve it, either as athletes or in other positions, I am confident that today’s event will be the starting point for more active and effective participation and involvement of women at every level of sport in our country.”

And Chair Xenia Argeitaki added: “We have met here to persuade, encourage and inspire women, especially young women, to open a new cycle in life, and take part in sports events. With you as a core, the locomotive will begin its journey to attract women, especially in management positions but also in other areas of sport. And engaging more women will benefit everyone, and Greek sport in particular.”