ENOCs The European National Olympic Committees (N.O.C.s) form an Association " the European Olympic Committees" (E.O.C.) which is a non-profit making or distributing organisation with public responsibilities which has the following main aims:

- the spreading throughout Europe of the Olympic ideals as defined by the I.O.C. Charter, in close collaboration with the International Olympic Committee (I.O.C.), the Association of National Olympic Committees (A.N.O.C.) and the Olympic Associations of the other continents;

-education of youth by sport in a spirit of better comprehension, friendship and respect for the environment, contributing thereby to the construction of a better and more peaceful world;

-promotion of co-operation between the European N.O.C.s by research, study of common interests , exchange of information and the defence of common attitudes;

-development of the Olympic Solidarity programmes of I.O.C. in Europe.

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