MALTA  AVRIL 2014La Valletta, 23rd April 2014 - The Maltese Olympic Committee has celebrated its Graduation Day, for 117 coaches from 21 sport disciplines, at the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry in the Malta capital city.

The ceremony took place just before Easter, last 17th April, when officials from nationals sports associations affiliated to the Maltese Olympic Committee were addressed by Julian Pace Bonello and Joseph Cassar, President and Secretary General of the Maltese Olympic Committee, as well as by Envic Galea, Director of the MOC Coaching Academy.

The certificates for those who graduated were presented by Dr Zsolt Radak, the Dean of the Faculty of Physical Education at Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary, Dr Tibor Kozsla, International Director, also from Semmelweiss University, who directed the course, and by Dr Csaba Sos, an expert and Master coach.

This was the first National Professional Qualification system for coaches, of this type, organised by the Maltese Olympic Committee, in cooperation and with the full support of Olympic Solidarity, which was instrumental to the venture – informs the official site of the Olympic Committee.

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