Why become the organiser of an EYOF?


  • To bring the 50 European National Olympic Committees to your country, region, city.
  • To become the European Capital of sport for the duration of the event and thus attract attention.
  • To get economic benefits from direct and indirect event-related expenditure in the region and from the development of the region’s image, which encourages the general public to visit the area before, during and after the event.
  • To gain social benefits such as: the acquisition of organisational skills and the development of inter regional cooperation; the acquisition of expertise; the reinforcement of local identity and community pride; work experience; youth training; the development of volunteering.
  • To develop and promote sport in the region.
  • To exploit fully the existing sports facilities and infrastructure, or to build/improve the sports facilities.
  • To develop/promote the potential for tourism in the region/city.
  • To raise the profile and image of the host city.
  • To leave a “legacy” of the event, both material (sports facilities, general infrastructure, etc) and non-material (participation in sports, renown, etc).
  • To promote Olympic values - such as fair play, excellence, respect, friendship - in order to build a better world through sport.
  • To bring youth into contact with sport, to have a positive effect on the perception of sport and thus increase active participation at both the top and recreational level of sport, and to raise awareness of the importance of sport, physical education and a healthy life style.

How to become the organiser of the EYOF?

The City/Region interested in hosting the EYOF must contact its National Olympic Committee, which will undertake the necessary steps. It is the NOC that must always submit the application to the EOC.  

The Bidding procedure for the 2021 Summer and Winter EYOFs has already commenced. The Host Cities will be elected in November 2016.


Basic Bidding timeline for the 2021 Winter and Summer EYOF

Application phase

1 March 2015

Call for Candidates by EOC

29-31 July 2015

Summer 2015 EYOF Observer programme in Tbilisi (GEO)

1 August 2015

Submission of  the Official Application for 2021 EYOF by the NOC (letter of intent)

1 November 2015

Submission of the Applicant files

21 November 2015

Announcement of the Official 2021 EYOF Candidates at EOC General Assembly

Candidature phase

February /March 2016

Evaluation Commission visits Winter Candidates

May 2016

Evaluation Commission visits Summer Candidates

31 August 2016

Submission of the Bid File to the EOC

21 November 2016

Presentation of the Candidates and Election of the Host City at EOC General Assembly

There is no application fee.


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