9 March 2018

The Albanian Olympic Committee continues its commitment to the development of human skills through training, with the aim of improving knowledge and human resources involved in the field of sport, as well as of making a contribution to Federations, Associations, Sports Clubs.

To achieve these goals, the NOC of Albania (KOKSH) has planned to develop three courses for sport administrators by the end of 2018. In particular, the courses encourage the participation of women and young people by providing them with basic knowledge on managerial skills in the field of sport.

The first course was held from 1 to 3 March 2018 in Tirana, whereas the second and the third will be organised in the near future.

The courses are addressed to the members of the Board of Directors as well as to the personnel of Sports Federations, Associations and Sports Clubs. However, also people who are not part of sports organizations (such as physical education teachers, people involved in public institutions within the sport sector, etc.) are invited to participate.

The participation at this course level is a necessary condition for those interested and wishing to attend the Advanced Sports Management Course (ASMC) organized by the NOC of Albania under the auspices of the IOC, which releases and recognizes these qualifications according to a strictly defined thematic program.

The main topics of the course for sport administrators are: the organisation and the basic principles of the Olympic Movement, Fair play and the values of ethical behaviour in sport, sport management and governance, sport marketing, sport medicine, finance and human resources development.

The NOC of Albania, through this educational initiative, has shown once again its long-lasting dedication to sport as well as its dynamism in the Olympic Movement.