8 June 2018

The Turkish Olympic Committee (TOC) has revealed that its Sports Culture and Olympic Education Programme (OLI) has now reached more than two million children since launching in 2006.

The figure was revealed after activities for the 2017-2018 academic year came to a close.

The project is designed to spread the Olympic values of friendship, respect and excellence and the importance of sports culture among children, their teachers and their families.

Between October 2017 and June, several programmes reached 100,000 youngsters in 17 cities. Children took part in a series of interactive audio-visual presentations, which were prepared with the help of experts and touched topics such as Olympic sports, Olympic values, the benefits of sport, the importance of nutrition, fair play and the environment.

The TOC has created also a mascot which interacts with the youngsters, who are rewarded with small gifts for answering questions correctly.

“We have concluded another hugely successful year for the OLI project, helping to spread the Olympic values amongst children all across Turkey,” said TOC Board Member Seyit Bilal Porsun, the President of the Sports Culture and Olympic Education Commission. “At the TOC we are committed to improving our population’s physical and mental wellbeing and it is through projects of the kind that we can achieve this in a fun and interactive way”, Porsun also stated.