28 Sep 2022

2022 Summer Piotr Nurowski Prize – Meet Israeli gymnast Daria Atamanov

Categories: Piotr Nurowski Prize

Israel’s Daria Atamanov has been nominated for the 2022 Summer Piotr Nurowski “Best European Young Athlete” Prize.

A stellar season for the young star saw Daria win gold medals at both the European Championships and World Games.

Her first major event this year was the World Games in Birmingham, USA where she won gold medals in ball and ribbon and silver in clubs. The following month at the European Championships, Daria won 4 medals: silver in the hoop, clubs and ribbon, securing her gold as the All Around Champion.

“My dream is to become an Olympic Gymnast, to represent my country, and to be the best person and athlete I can be.”

“My love for this sport is what inspires me the most. I just love it! It excites me and every time I’m on the carpet, I feel that fire inside.”