22 May 2023

43 rd EOC Seminar Highlights/Paris

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12 May 2023

The 43rd EOC Seminar took place in Paris, on 12 and 13 May 2023.

The highlights of the Seminar meeting are as follows:

Welcome Address from CNOSF President Brigitte Henriques:

  • Expressed her pleasure at welcoming the NOCs of Europe to the host city of the Olympic Games a year ahead of the Games
  • Referred to France’s pride at being a member of the Olympic Movement’s leading continent
  • Acknowledged how the city itself will become the backdrop for Paris 2024’s ambitious plans
  • Described the efforts being undertaken by the CNOSF to ensure France’s best athletes are at both the European Games Krakow Małopolska 2023 and Paris 2024, acknowledging the importance of a strong home team for the latter
  • Wished the participants well in their discussions of key issues facing sport in Europe

EOC President Spyros Capralos’s Welcome Address:

  • Highlighted the two-week countdown to what will be a defining summer for the European Olympic Committees
  • Stressed the importance of being united by the common wish to see the continent celebrating athletes and sport at the European Games
  • Confirmed governance reforms had received approval from the Executive Committee, which will be put to the General Assembly for a vote when it meets in Istanbul later in the year
  • Highlighted the program of the Seminar is designed to be interactive and focused on issues at the top of the EOC agenda, from sustainability to refugees to gender equality
  • Thanked the hosts and participants

French Minister of Sport Amélie Oudéa-Castéra:

  • Welcomed everyone to Paris and noted the rising excitement for Paris 2024
  • Highlighted Europe as setting a new standard for international sports events
  • Confirmed France’s ambitions for the Paris 2024 Games, focusing on lowering greenhouse gas emissions, social justice KPIs, employment and inclusion
  • Highlighted the historic milestones and financial prudence in the face of inflation
  • Reiterated that Paris 2024 has high ambitions

Introduction of EOC Secretary General Raffaele Pagnozzi to the 43rd EOC Seminar:

  • Highlighted the need to address the challenges that lie in the future
  • Stressed the importance of the seminar in being able to generate thoughts, ideas and share opportunities
  • Confirmed 17 National Olympic Committee (NOC) Presidents and 31 Secretary Generals in attendance, as well as many other NOC representatives
  • Confirmed the Constitution changes – which will be voted on in Istanbul

Report of IOC Director NOC Relations, Olympic Solidarity and Olympism 365 James Macleod:

  • Updated members on recent activities of European NOCs
  • Commended the EOC on its establishment of the EOC Refugee Team for Krakow Małopolska 2023
  • Acknowledged the leading role of the EOC in supporting the Olympic athlete community of Ukraine
  • More than USD 1.8 million has been invested in more than 120 projects across Europe related to refugees
  • Provided details of the forthcoming IOC Esports Series FInals in Singapore
  • Highlighted the Olympic Qualifier Series and the collaboration with the EOC for the European Games 2023
  • Stressed the Future Host Commission continues its work on the Olympic Winter Games and recommendations for sustainable Games
  • Highlighted the IOC Safeguarding programme. 165 people from 66 NOCs have completed training to become Safeguarding Officers. Stressed the importance of training many, many more
  • Referred to possible changes to the sports programme of the Olympic Games LA28 and deadlines for IOC decision-making

Report on 2nd ANOC WORLD BEACH GAMES, ANOC Secretary General Gunilla Lindberg:

  • Highlighted the recent and successful Chef de Mission meeting in Bali
  • Highlighted the compact nature of the Games with three clusters and little ground transportation needed
  • Confirmed accommodation for the Games of an excellent standard
  • Informed the delegation of the Bluewater scheme and a push for sustainability and removal of single use plastic bottles

Report for the European Games Krakow Małopolska 2023 by Chair of the Coordination Commission Hasan Arat, President of the Polish Olympic Committee Andrzej Kraśnicki and President of the Organising Committee Marcin Nowak:

  • Highlighted the Games are almost 1 month away and the dedication and hard work of the Polish organising committee in the difficult financial and political climate
  • Gave an update on the positive progress of the Games
  • Underlined the importance of the Games and the need for everyone to work together to ensure the continental success the Games deserve
  • Confirmed there will be 26 sports, 18 Olympic and 8 non-Olympic with 17 of the Olympic sports having qualification for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, the most in the event’s history
  • Highlighted the partnerships with LOT airlines, EBU and the Global Esports Federation which bring great benefit and prestige to the Games

8th Piotr Nurowski Best European Young Athlete Prize presented by Chair of EOC Athletes’ Commission Gerd Kanter:

  • Presented the five finalists for the award
  • Explained the voting process to the members
  • Announced Nela Lopusanova as the winner of the PNP Award at the Gala Dinner
  • Announced Oleksandra Merkushyna as 2nd, Mia Brookes 3rd, Erik Canovi 4th and Nina Pinzarrone 5th place
  • Reported that the winner receives EUR 15,000 training scholarship, runner-up receives EUR 8,000, third place receives EUR 5,000 and 4th & 5th receives EUR 3,000

Panel on Sustainability in Sport:

  • Overview given on EOC Sustainability and Active Society Commission by commission member Rikke Rønholt Albertsen
  • Highlighted how she and her colleagues are building on the work of the Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Commission, the work of the IOC and that of Olympism365
  • Updates on the IOC’s work given by IOC Head of the Olympic Values Unit Nils Holmegaard
  • Presentations and best practice examples were shared by the NOC of Czechia and NOC of Denmark
  • EOC EU Office stressed the importance of working together and not in isolation and how they can be the link for this
  • The OCEAN project was highlighted, empowering NOCs to lead by example on climate action
  • Confirmed the OCEAN project is open to all through conferences in September 2023 and May 2025

Report for the Games of the XXXIII Olympiad, Paris 2024, IOC Associated Director Athletes’ Games Services Toshio Tsurunaga, Paris 2024 Director of International Relations Sophie Lorant and Head of Paris 2024 NOC & NPC Relations Alizée Grosselin

  • Tony Estanguet, who presented online, outlined the progress and ambition of the project, which will bring Olympic sport to the heart of the host city as never before
  • Estanguet explained how the opening ceremony in particular would be a massive and popular celebration, welcoming the athletes in a bold new way
  • Estanguet confirmed green lights for all the key aspects of the project
  • An overview was given on the status of the Paris 2024 Games
  • Important updates were provided to participants on venues, Athletes’ Village, schedules, accreditations and sport
  • NOC services were explained and the TX system will be used for senior NOC officials, which was a success story from Baku 2015
  • The importance for NOCs of confirming information required by the OCOG by deadlines given was reiterated

Report on Club France and EOC House by CNOSF President Brigitte Henriques, Deputy President of the Club France Nathalie Péchalat and Member of the EOC Executive Committee Jean-Michel Brun

  • Confirmed Club France will be at La Villette and will be “The place to be”
  • Highlighted 600,000 fans are expected throughout the Games period
  • Confirmed the EOC is investigating the financial model for an EOC House
  • Highlighted the house could be used by all European NOCs, particularly focusing on smaller NOCs who will not have their own house
  • Underlined only food and beverage costs would be passed onto those NOCs using the facility

Report for the Games of the XXV Olympic Winter Games Milano Cortina 2026 by IOC Associated Director Athletes’ Games Services Toshio Tsurunaga, and Milano Cortina 2026 CEO Andrea Varnier, Games Project & IOC/IPC Relations Director Diana Bianchedi and Sport Director Anna Riccardi

  • Explained preparation status of the Games
  • Provided updates on the venues and footprint of the Games
  • Confirmed that existing venues will be used, with many available of a high quality
  • Reminded NOCs that the use of existing venues and a regional approach will lead to some extended travel times between Games sites
  • Explained that the participation numbers in terms of NOCs, athletes and sports are broadly aligned with those of Beijing 2022
  • Noted the very positive IOC Coordination Commission visit of the previous week

Update reports on EOC Strategic Agenda 20230 by Chair of Working Group Djordje Visacki and EOC Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (GEDI) Commission Chair Annamarie Phelps

  • Provided update on EOC Strategic Agenda 2030 and how it is now being implemented across all EOC activities
  • Confirmed a status report will be produced each year to ensure accountability and track progress
  • Status update given on activities of GEDI and the extensive work on Gender equality, and the important need for Safeguarding policies to be in place across the EOC and all NOCs

Day 2: EOC Seminar

European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF) Workshop by the Chair of the EYOF Commission Chair Liney Haldorsdottir and EOC Sport Director Peter Brull

  • Emphasised the benefits that young athletes gain from competing in a multisport event
  • Highlighted that NOCs are ‘very happy’ with the EYOF from the EOC Strategic Agenda 2030 survey
  • Report given ahead of the 17th Summer EYOF in Maribor by Director of the Organising Committee Nataša Ritonija
  • Presented the evolution and roadmap of the EYOF
  • Highlighted the benefits to NOCs of hosting the EYOF
  • Presented NOC experiences including NOC of Belgium, Georgia, Italy and Luxembourg

Refugees – challenges of current migration flows in Europe; how NOCs can support access to sport for everyone by IOC Head of Olympic Refuge Foundation Jojo Ferris and EOC Sports Director Peter Brull

  • Presented the IOC Refugee Team and the extensive work the IOC is carrying out in this area
  • Highlighted the coordination between the IOC and EOC for the European Games to host the first Refugee Team outside of the Olympic Games
  • Confirmed five athletes will represent the EOC Refugee Team at the European Games 2023
  • Delivered an insightful and interesting panel discussion on how NOCs are managing the refugee flows NOC experience and examples presented by NOCs of Germany and Portugal

Shortly before EOC President Capralos closed the 43rd EOC Seminar, Montenegro was announced as the hosts of the next EOC Seminar in October in 2024. Ending the proceedings President Capralos said: “I would like to thank everyone who has helped make the last days happen. Thanks to you for your time, your attention and your contributions.”