11 Jan 2022

Applications open for Erasmus + Project “International Youth Media Camp” during EYOF Vuokatti 2022

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As part of the Erasmus + Project, an International Youth Media Camp will be organised in Vuokatti, Finland during the Winter European Youth Olympic Festival from 19th to 25th March 2022.

The aim of the Camp is to increase the media visibility of the EYOF and youth sports events in general, while also enhancing the portrayal of female sports. The camp is open to all youngsters interested in sports, communication, internationalization.

Participants aged between 18 – 29 will be able to develop their media skills through their experience as active operators in the EYOF Vuokatti 2022. The main deliverable of the media camp’s programme will be producing media content from the event. A series of lectures and leisure time activities are also scheduled during the event.

A maximum number of 32 participants can be hosted in the camp.  (Already 20 media students and 15 ambassadors are registered.)

The EYOF Vuokatti 2022 Organising Committee covers the costs of accommodation and meals of the participants. While travel is at the participant’s cost.

The deadline for applications is 9th of February. Candidates are invited to send motivational letters by email at

There are no pre-requirements to apply, but the applicant must show interest and willingness to be part of a big multisport event and to be prepared to work in a team. The knowledge operating in the media field is an advantage, but not required.


The purpose of the Erasmus+ Project

The main goal of the Erasmus+ Project is to increase the social inclusion of young people by taking advantage of a major international sports event. The project utilizes the EYOF event as a comprehensive empowerment of young people through participation, capacity building, internationalization and the promotion of physical activity.

The motto of the event is “by the young people for the young people” and the Organising Committee is indeed supported by the help of young experts from different educational institutions in the area. The aim is to get young actors widely into the roles of responsibility as well.

The EYOF and the related Olympic ideology will also be used as a tool to increase the physical activity of Kainuu’s children and young people by building various campaigns around the event in schools and educational institutions. Thanks to the project, Kainuu’s children and young people will be encouraged to exercise and will be invited to watch the competitions during the EYOF, while being stimulating to be more active in the future.

The internationality of the event is an added value to the whole region of Kainuu and an opportunity for the Organisers and the Regional Sport Association.

For further information please contact

Anna Lukkari

Media and Communication Manager EYOF 2022

+358 532 5914