Brussels, 16th March this weekend brought the sad news of the death of Baron François Narmon, aged 79. He was President of the Belgian Olympic and Inter-Federal Committee from 1998 to 2004, and was made an IOC Member in 2002.
Having been Treasurer for several years, François Narmon was elected COIB President on the 20th of April 1998, succeeding Adrien Vanden Eede, another very active European, as he was Secretary General of the European Association of NOCs for close on 10 years.

Francois Narmon was also President of the Belgian Sports Development Committee from 1981 till 2002, and will be remembered as the man who set the COIB’s finances straight and who did a lot to improve the internal workings of the Belgian NOC, but who also played an important role for the Olympic Movement at an international level.

He was named COIB Honorary President in 2005.

During the 113th IOC Session in Salt Lake City in 2002, he was elected an IOC Member, a post he held until 2004. It was then that he handed over the presidency of the COIB to today’s incumbent, Pierre-Olivier Beckers. In Athens that same year, IOC President Jacques Rogge remitted him the Olympic Order for his outstanding service to Olympism.

François Narmon is noteworthy also for his achievements in the world of finance. Having studied economics at the Rijksuniversiteit in Ghent, and business at the Ecole de Commerce Solvay, he began his career at the Crédit Communal de Belgique, of which he became Secretary General in 1972, and was for a quarter of a century a leading light for Crédit Communal de Belgique and Dexia. In 1999, he became Chairman of the Board, but despite his busy career in the world of finance he also found time to teach at the VUB and the ULB.

In 1996, King Albert II named him baron.

As stated by the COIB, “with Baron François Narmon, Belgium has lost a great man, a fighter, a man of unusual courage and determination “. And a great friend of the Olympic and Sports Movement, we wish to add!

The EOC extends its sincerest condolences to the NOC of Belgium, his family and friends.