23 Jun 2022

EOC joins NOCs in celebration of Olympic Day

Categories: EOC

In celebration of Olympic Day, the European Olympic Committees (EOC) today called on all European National Olympic Committees (NOCs) to #MoveForPeace.

This year’s Olympic Day theme is Together, for a Peaceful World and aims to celebrate the way in which sport brings people together in peace.

NOCs throughout Europe are celebrating Olympic Day with various activities from fun runs to sports demonstrations to community activities. Everyone is encouraged to take part regardless of age, gender, social background or sporting ability.

EOC President Spyros Capralos said:

“The theme of Olympic Day this year is particularly special. We all know the critical role sport can play in bringing people together and promoting peace. During these difficult times, this role of sport is more important than ever. Today is an opportunity for people to unite, regardless of their age or backgrounds, and enjoy sport peacefully, together. We know that a lot of European NOCs have exciting plans for today and for some the celebrations have already begun. We look forward to standing in solidarity with them and wherever we are, finding ways to move for peace.”

Olympic Day is held every year on 23 June and is a celebration of sport, health, and being together. It invites everyone around the globe to be active and move together with purpose.

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