18 Mar 2021

EOC kicks off Strategic Agenda 2030 project with launch of NOCs survey

18 March 2021

The EOC kicked off yesterday the first phase of the work for its Strategic Agenda 2030 by inviting the National Olympic Committees (NOCs) of Europe to complete an online questionnaire.

Following the approval of the EOC General Assembly last November, an exhaustive NOC consultation will be conducted over the next two months and will be split in two parts: an online NOC questionnaire and interviews with the NOC Presidents, Secretaries General and Sports Directors.

“The EOC’s Strategic Agenda 2030 will give the EOC leadership a clear road sign for the future while fostering closer cooperation between the EOC and the 50 ENOCs moving forward,” said EOC ExCo Member Djordje Visacki, who is leading the EOC Working Group in charge of the project.

“Our future direction needs everyone’s input to enable us to represent all of the views of our rich and diverse family in the future,” continued Visacki.

Through the survey, the NOCs will be able to share their views on the current status of the European Olympic Movement as well as to identify their key priority areas for the future.

The results will drive follow-up interviews with each NOC in April, which will be focused on how the EOC can help achieve a collective vision for European sport in the next ten years.

While the EOC will share regular updates throughout the next two months, a final report on all findings will be delivered ahead of the EOC General Assembly on 10-11 June.