30 Jul 2022

EOC President Capralos awards certificates to European Young Olympic Ambassadors at EYOF Banská Bystrica 2022

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European Olympic Committees (EOC) President Spyros Capralos awarded members of the European Young Olympic Ambassadors (EYOA) Programme diplomas for their work in helping to promote and strengthen the Olympic Values at the 16 th Summer European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF).

Organised under the patronage of the EOC Culture and Education Commission, the EYOA programme aims to help young athletes understand the meaning of excellence, friendship and respect, which are the pillars of the Olympic Values. The programme is led by the Vice Chair of the EOC Culture and Education Commission Clea Papaellina, who thanked the EOC for their “unwavering support” of the programme. She praised Ivana Motolíková, who is a member of the Local Organising Committee for EYOF Banská Bystrica 2022 and the leader of the School and Olympism Programme at the event, for her assistance in making this week a memorable occasion for the young athletes, ambassadors and alumni.

A large crowd gathered at the dedicated location in the Sports Park used for the EYOA programme to listen to the EOC President’s speech, where he thanked “all the ambassadors and alumni for the excellent job they have done in promoting our Olympic Values, Olympic Principles and Olympic Ideals.” Mr Capralos added, “At the end of September during the EOC Seminar in Olympia, one member of the EYOA Programme will be invited to create a short presentation on what the programme does and who it involves. All expenses will be paid for by the EOC, so that the young ambassador can enjoy their experience in Olympia and describe to us why the programme is important for future young athletes. I believe it is important that everyone understands the value of the programme to the Olympic Movement.”
The surprise announcement led to a chorus of cheers among the ambassadors present, where one member will be randomly selected through a raffle draw to join the Executive Committee members of the EOC at the Seminar in Olympia. After his speech, the President awarded certificates to the 22 ambassadors involved in the programme, who thanked him for his kind gesture and words of encouragement. EOC Secretary General Raffaele Pagnozzi presented the certificates to the alumni.

With the final day of the EYOF fast approaching, you can follow all the action on the EOC social channels, and via the livestream of events on the EOC Channel!