06 Jan 2022

EOC renews partnership with European Olympic Academies

Categories: Miscellaneous

6 January 2022

The European Olympic Committees (EOC) and the European Olympic Academies (EOA) have renewed their partnership by signing a new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

The updated MoU, which formalises the existing cooperation between the two organisations, was signed by EOC President Spyros Capralos and EOA President Prof. Dr. Manfred Laemmer in December 2021.

The EOC played an instrumental role in the foundation of the EOA in 2018 and has since provided crucial financial and practical support to EOA activities. The agreement defines common aims of the two organisations and confirms intentions to jointly implement projects promoting the Olympic ideas.

EOC President Spyros Capralos said: “This new agreement with EOA is another step forward for our cooperation and strengthens even more our commitment to the promotion of the Olympic culture and values.”

“The EOA is a valued partner of the EOC, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration not only to grow the network of the Academies across Europe, but also to set an example at the international level.”

EOA President Manfred Laemmer said: “The EOC is the EOA’s closest partner and the renewed signing of the Memorandum is a positive indicator of the successful promotion of the Olympic philosophy on the European continent”.