NOC Romania kicks off national online platform “PLAYING INTO SPORTS”

5 November 2020

NOC Romania has launched a national online platform for sport called “PLAYING INTO SPORTS”.

The platform was created in partnership with the Aspen Institute Romania, the Romanian Commercial Bank, the Ministry of Education and Research and the Ministry of Youth and Sports with the aim to promote grass-root sports and physical activities to children and young people.

The goal is to make kids have fun with a wide range of specific educational sports exercises, while introducing them to the world of sports without any material needs. The activities are also aimed at inspiring their parents to play sport together with their children while spending quality time with them.

The programme intends to stimulate children’s skills, self-esteem, desire and habit to conduct an active lifestyle, both physically and mentally.

An impressive number of Romanian Olympic Champions, local sports icons and celebrities joined this initiative as Ambassadors, acting as role models and sharing their example and advise.

“Kids are natural athletes, but they just don’t know it yet,” President of NOC Romania Mihai Covaliu stressed. “This platform is meant to bring them and their parents to scratch the cover of this marvellous world of sports, get a glimpse of it in a funny way, give the kids the chance to choose which one suits them best and, why not, go further with it in an organised environment and even on a high-performance level.

“In my opinion, the most important aspect of this programme is that it is designed in such a way so as it can eventually become a family matter.”

“PLAYING INTO SPORTS” can be accessed through the  website or its dedicated Youtube channel and Facebook page @sportulsejoaca