25 May 2023

President Capralos visits Lithuanian NOC and EOC Vice President Gudzinevičiūtė

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22 May 2023

European Olympic Committees (EOC) President Spyros Capralos visited the headquarters of the Lithuania National Olympic Committee (LTOK) and met with LTOK President and EOC Vice-President Daina Gudzinevičiūtė on Monday 22 May.

He thanked President Gudzinevičiūtė, who is a former Olympic champion in shooting, for her hospitality and gifted the LTOK the EOC’s commemorative badge together with a symbolic plaque from the Hellenic Olympic Committee. In return, he was presented with an LTOK badge of honour.

President Capralos said: “It was an honour to be welcomed to the Lithuania Olympic Committee’s headquarters and to be shown around the facility, as well as learning about the important work that they are doing.

“President Gudzinevičiūtė continues to make a great and positive contribution to the European Olympic Movement and I look forward to working closely with her, and with Lithuania, for many years to come.”

Following the meeting, President Gudzinevičiūtė praised President Capralos for his leadership as EOC President and for his role in ensuring there is a greater gender balance on the EOC Executive Committee.

She said: “I have known Spyros for many years, we trust each other and work under the same values and goals – to make the European Olympic Movement flourish. Therefore, when he became the president of EOC and I was offered the post of vice president, I did not think long.

Spyros has brought together European Olympic Committees, with daily communication with members of the Executive Committee. He paid great attention to gender equality. I remember 10 years ago I was the only woman on the Executive Committee and now there are seven of us.

“This is a modern leader who finds a language with people.”