12 Jun 2014


Categories: Miscellaneous

Baku, 13th June the Chefs de Mission from the NOCs of Europe tonight received their invitations to participate in the inaugural 2015 European Games in Baku from EOC President Patrick Hickey. The ceremony took place at a Gala Dinner hosted by the Baku 2015 European Games Operation Committee (BEGOC) at the impressive Buta Palace in Baku, to celebrate the one-year to go mark.
In his speech to the assembled guests, President Hickey highlighted the remarkable progress that has been made in less than two years:
“With one year to go until the inaugural European Games, now is the perfect moment to reflect on what we have achieved together already. State-of-the-art sports venues are springing up all over this beautiful city. They are already playing host to world-class athletes: the European Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships start tomorrow; it’s less than a week since the World Series of Boxing Finals; two weeks since the European Youth Olympic Trials.”
President Hickey went on to emphasise the importance of maintaining the impressive momentum of preparations:
“Two years’ great work has given us an opportunity; we must make the most of it. Baku 2015 will be a wonderful event. Now we must start creating an environment where the people of Europe are anticipating this wonderful event with as much excitement as I am. Where the continent’s finest athletes are looking at Baku 2015 as the highlight of the season; or a crucial stepping-stone towards that Olympic prize in Rio. Where fans want to know what channel it’s on, where to buy tickets, when is the next one!”
President Hickey concluded by describing his vision for the legacy of Baku 2015:
“The impact of these Games will resonate around the continent. You’ll see it in the Olympic Games medals tables. Maybe not in Rio, but with the blueprint we’re laying down here in Baku, come Tokyo 2020 and beyond, European athletes will be travelling to the Games better prepared than ever to hit peak performance at the perfect moment.”