19 Nov 2021


Categories: Piotr Nurowski Prize

19 November 2021

Adriana Vilagoš is one of the five finalists for the 2021 Summer Piotr Nurowski “Best European Young Athlete” Prize (PNP).

Born in Serbia in 2004, Adriana is a top-class javelin thrower. This year she won gold at the World Athletics U20 Championships and silver at the European U20s.

After playing handball, Adriana was encouraged by her gymnastics schoolteacher to try athletics.

She gave all the different disciplines a go before falling in love with javelin, which would eventually become her core discipline.

Her big dream was to be the first woman to throw 70 meters with a 500g javelin. In August this year at the age of 17 she reached even greater heights by breaking the World Junior record with a score of 70.10 meters.

A strong believer in the Olympic spirit, Adriana says she is honoured to be nominated for the PNP and would be delighted to win it. Being considered at the same level of other such prestigious candidates makes her even prouder of the achievement.

Adriana says that sports provide her with the air to breathe on a daily basis and she always tries to give her best performance. She strongly hopes to participate at the Olympic Games Paris 2024.