13 April 2018

The long-awaited multi-sport event of Europe will be broadcasted by the Belarusian International radio in 9 languages. Radio Belarus Naum Director Galperovich noted that this is not the first large-scale event organised by Radio Belarus. Previously, for the 500° Anniversary of the Belarus Press, a series of events were successfully run, included the initiative “Hello Belarus!” which was supported by representatives of 18 countries.

Galperovich also announced last week in a press conference with BelTA journalists the selfie contest “My Greetings to the 2nd European Games”, whose goal is to raise awareness on the European Games, not only in Belarus but also abroad.

The competition is open to Belarusian nationals and foreigners who are invited to take photos while doing sports or with the background of the Minsk 2019 sport facilities and post them on their Twitter/Instagram/Facebook account using the hashtag #Minsk2019.

Photos can be sent to and applications submitted on the dedicated website section of the International radio Belarus  before the end of October 2018.

The pictures will be shortlisted in December by a professional jury, including the representatives of the International Belarus Radio, the Directorate of the Second European Games 2019 and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The best photos will be published on the Belarus Radio website and the updates of the contest results will be constantly announced during the radio programme of the 2nd European Games. The winners will be awarded with “Belteleradiocompany” diplomas, a set of tickets for the Games’ events, as well as Belarus National team gadgets and clothing.

“My experience proves that in modern society social networks are the quickest and the most convenient way to communicate to youngsters and attract them to this amazing European sport event”, stated Anatol Kotau, Deputy Director of the 2019 2nd European Games Directorate.

The work goes on in Minsk, two days of meetings between the EOC delegation, MEGOC and Marketing Agencies concluded yesterday indeed. The discussions touched upon IT, Broadcasting, Ticketing, Transport, Insurance Annex, AVL, Ceremonies, workforce, volunteer programme, as well as sponsorship issues.

The works of the venues (15) are also timely proceeding and most of  them are almost fully completed:  CHIZHOVKA Arena, DINAMO Stadium, Falcon Club, Minsk Arena, Velodrome (Minsk Arena), Minsk City Centre (Cycling – Road), Olympic Sports Complex (Archery), Olympic Sports Complex (Beach Soccer), Palova Arena, Sports Palace, Shooting Centre, Sporting Club, URUCHIE Sports Palace, Olympic Tennis Centre, ZASLAVL Regatta Course). To see what they look like, you can download the nice presentation by the NOC of Belarus at the following link: