Besides the EOC Order of Merit, the EUROPEAN OLYMPIC LAUREL AWARDS have been created in 2007. It is remitted in recognition of outstanding roles in the promotion and development of Sport and it is given on occasion of the EOC General Assembly, usually in November.

Individuals or organisations may be the beneficiaries.

May be admitted any person or organisation that has:

  • Performed outstanding services in favour of the promotion of Sport within their country
  • Achieved remarkable merit in the sporting world
  • Contributed to the promotion of cooperation between the European NOCsand more generally, any person or organisation that has played an important role in the enhancement of participation and development of sport at all levels.
15th edition 2022
Mr. Belcho GORANOV (BUL) Mr. Belcho GORANOV NOC Secretary General (CRO) Ms. Zvjezdana TUMA-PAVLOV NOC & Croatian Athletics Federation Board Member (CZE) Mr. Frantisek DVORAK Former NOC Vice-President & Chef de Mission (DEN) Mr. Niels NYGAARD Former NOC President & EOC Vice-President (GBR) Sir Craig REEDIE IOC Honorary Member at present. Former WADA President. Former NOC Chairman. (GRE) Mr. Pavlos KANELLAKIS Former NOC Vice President & National Shooting Federation President (HUN) HE Pal SCHMITT IOC Honorary Member. Former NOC President. Former President of the Republic (LAT) Mr. Atis STRENGA Former President of the Latvian Luge Federation (UKR) Mr. Viktor KHRYSTOIEV Former NOC Board Member
14th edition, 2021
Mr. Peter KLEINMANN (AUT) Mr. Peter KLEINMANN President National Volleyball Federation; NOC Board Member (BIH) Mr. Marijan KVESIC President of the NOC of Bosnia and Herzegovina at present. (CRO) Ms. Sanda ČORAK Vice President for 2 terms Former Judo Athlete, she won fourteen Croatian championship titles, five national championships (ex-Yugoslavia) and was a vice-champion of the Balkans in 1985. (CZE) Ms. Kveta PECKOVA Olympic medalist and Chair of Czech Fair Play commission. (FRA) Mr. Denis MASSEGLIA President of the NOC of France from 2009 through 2021. (HUN) Mr. Jeno KAMUTI Two-time Olympic silver medalist Hungarian foil fencer, surgeon, sports leader, President of the International Committee for Fair Play (LAT) Mr. Zintis EKMANIS Former Bobsleigh Athlete Since 1990 together with like-minded people is organizing, developing, and promoting the sport of bobsleigh in Latvia. Due to his dedication, Bobsleigh is one of the most famous and popular sports in Latvia. (POL) Mr. Jozef LIPIEC Chairman of the Polish Olympic Academy, author of many publications and scientific monographs, promoter of doctorates on Olympism, one of the leaders of culture and Olympic education of the Polish Olympic Committee, teacher and lecturer specialised in Olympic values, Olympic history and Olympic legacy. (SVK) Ms. Maria MRACNOVA Former Athletics Athlete She is one of the most valuable members of the Slovak Olympic Family contributing to the creation of the Slovak Olympic and Sports Committee, serving many years in its structure as a Board Member as well as Vice-President. (UKR) Mr. Ihor CHEREDINOV For 35 years Mr. Cheredinov has been successfully working on training a generation of shooting athletes. Thoroughly thought-out and scheduled preparation for the year ahead, individually developed approaches to each athlete are the key to effective performances of his teams.
13th edition, 2019
(BEL) Mr. Eddy DE SMEDT High Level Sport Director for 33 years. 4-time Chef de Mission at the Olympic Games. (CZE) Mr Milan JIRASEK Former NOC President, Former EOC Executive Committee Member (FIN) Mr Kalevi TUOMINEN Functions within the NOC: Director of the Finnish Olympic Committee for 23 years (GEO) Ms. Mariam GIORGOBIANI Functions within the NOC: Executive Board Member; President of Georgian Figure Skating Federation (POL) Mr. Kajetan HADZELEK Former Vice President Polish NOC. Honorary Member of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) (NED) Mr. Andre BOLHUIS Former NOC President and board member for 12 years.
12th edition, 2018
(AUT) Prof. Peter SCHRÖCKSNADEL President, Austrian Ski Federation; Member of FIS Council (GEO) Mr. Jansug BAGRATIONI Functions within the NOC: former President, Honorary President at present. Handball player and coach. (GRE) Mr. Emmanuel KATSIADAKIS Functions within the NOC: former Secretary General. Secretary General, International Fencing Federation (ISL) Mr. Ellert SCHRAM Honorary President, National Olympic and Sports Association of Iceland Former NOC President from 1990 to 1997 (LUX) Mr. Jean-Louis MARGUE Functions within the NOC: former Vice-President, Board Member (40 years) and Treasurer (POR) Mr. José Vicente MOURA Functions within the NOC: former President. Founder of the National Olympic Academy of Portugal
11th edition, 2017
(BUL) Mr. Tzeno TZENOV President, United World Wrestling Europe (HUN) Mr. Rezso GALLOV Water polo player, coach, sport journalist (ITA) Mr. Roberto FABBRICINI Secretary General, National Olympic Committee of Italy (ESP) Mr. Victor SÁNCHEZ NARANJO Treasurer of the Spanish Olympic Committee (UKR) Mr. Igor LYSOV President, Ukrainian Diving Federation
10th edition, 2016
(CRO) Mr. Luciano SUŠANJ Vice-President, Croatian Olympic Committee President, Croatian Athletics Federation (CYP) Mr. Constantinos MICHAELIDES President, Cyprus National Olympic Committee President, National Olympic Academy (GEO) Mr. Kakhi KAKHIASHVILI Olympic Champion President, Georgian Weightlifting Federation (ITA) Mr. Nicola PIETRANGELI Outstanding tennis player Italian Tennis Federation Ambassador for International programs (LTU) Mr. Arvydas JUOZAITIS Vice-President, National Olympic Committee of Lithuania President, Lithuanian Fair Play Committee (SVK) Mr. Zdenko KRIZ Executive Committee Member, Slovak Olympic Committee President, Slovak Table Tennis Association (UKR) Ms. Svitlana SAIDOVA Head Coach, Ukrainian Synchronised Swimming
9th edition, 2015
(CRO) Mrs. Morana PALIKOVIC GRUDEN President of the Croatian Skating Federation (FRA) Mr. Alain GELES a strong career within the French NOC (MLT) Mr. Joseph CASSAR Secretary General of the Maltese Olympic Committee (ROU) Mr. Ioan DOBRESCU one of the longest serving Secretaries General for the NOC of Romania (RUS) Mr. Igor KAZIKOV more than 40 years working in Russian sport institutions
8th edition, 2014
Mr. Guido DE BONDT (BEL) Mr. Guido DE BONDT Former NOC Secretary General Ms. Gudrun DOLL-TEPPER (GER) Ms. Gudrun DOLL-TEPPER Chairperson, German Olympic Academy Mr. Zbigniew PACELT (POL) Mr. Zbigniew PACELT Swimming Olympian and Modern Pentathlon champion Mr. Oleksandr VOLKOV (UKR) Mr. Oleksandr VOLKOV Basketball Olympian and sports leader
7th edition, 2013
Mr. Emzar ZENAISHVILI (GEO) Mr. Emzar ZENAISHVILI NOC Secretary General Mr. Josef EBERLE (LIE) Mr. Josef EBERLE Former NOC President Mr. Vasco LYNCE (POR) Mr. Vasco LYNCE Former NOC President Mr. Valery KUVAYEV (RUS) Mr. Valery KUVAYEV NOC Chef de Mission Mr. Togay BAYATLI (TUR) Mr. Togay BAYATLI Former NOC President
6th edition, 2012
Mr. Zeko MINEV (BUL) Mr. Zeko MINEV President of the National Ski Federation Mrs. Dana ZATOPKOVA (CZE) Mrs. Dana ZATOPKOVA Javelin thrower, a life dedicated to athletics Mr. Diοnyssis S. GANGAS (GRE) Mr. Diοnyssis S. GANGAS Director of the International Olympic Academy Mr. Zvi VARSHAVIAK (ISR) Mr. Zvi VARSHAVIAK NOC President
5th edition, 2011
Mr. Alain CALMAT (FRA) Mr. Alain CALMAT Top figure skater, politician and sports leader Mr. David HEMERY (GBR) Mr. David HEMERY Triple Olympic medallist and World Champion – hurdler Mr. Luis SANTOS (POR) Mr. Luis SANTOS President of the National Handball Federation
4th edition, 2010
Mr. Chingiz HUSEYNZADA (AZE) Mr. Chingiz HUSEYNZADA NOC Vice President Mr. Lino FARRUGIA SACCO (MLT) Mr. Lino FARRUGIA SACCO NOC President Mr. Vladimir MILLER (SVK) Mr. Vladimir MILLER NOC Vice President Mr. Yury YURIEV (RUS) Mr. Yury YURIEV NOC Former Secretary General
3rd edition, 2009
Mr. Gagik TSARUKYAN (ARM) Mr. Gagik TSARUKYAN NOC President Mr. Antun VRDOLJAK (CRO) Mr. Antun VRDOLJAK IOC Member Mr. Stefan KONRADSSON (ISL) Mr. Stefan KONRADSSON Former Secretary General Mr. Arturas POVILIUNAS (LTU) Mr. Arturas POVILIUNAS NOC President
2nd edition, 2008
Mr. Tapani ILKKA (FIN) Mr. Tapani ILKKA NOC former President Mr. Andreas STAVROU (CYP) Mr. Andreas STAVROU NOC former Secretary General Mme Yvette LAMBIN-BERTI (MON) Mme Yvette LAMBIN-BERTI Secretary General Ms. Erika DIENSTIL (GER) Ms. Erika DIENSTIL
1st edition, 2007
Mr. Vilnis BALTINS (LAT) Mr. Vilnis BALTINS Honorary President Mr. Volodymyr BRYNZAK (UKR) Mr. Volodymyr BRYNZAK 1st Vice President Mr. Predrag MANOJLOVIC (SRB) Mr. Predrag MANOJLOVIC Secretary General Mr. Dermot SHERLOCK (IRL) Mr. Dermot SHERLOCK Secretary General