Hungarian Olympic Committee launches new brand Magyarock

7 August 2020

The Hungarian Olympic Committee (HOC) has launched a new brand identity called Magyarock (“Hungarians”), which aims at unifying athletes and fans in Hungary.

Following the footsteps of TeamGB and TeamDeutschland, the launch of the IOC-approved brand marks a milestone for the Hungarian Olympic movement, as Magyarock embodies the values of excellence, friendship and respect as well as promotes inclusivity, belonging and a sense of community not only for athletes and fans, but for every Hungarian.

“I have been working in the Olympic Movement my whole life, first as a fencer, then as a sports leader and now as President of the Hungarian Olympic Committee,” HOC President Krisztián Kulcsár said at the launch press conference. “This new brand is very close to my heart and I look forward with great pleasure to working around the values in conveys.”

The brand slogan promotes a sense of togetherness: “We are sport. True performance, beyond ourselves. Different we might be, champions or rookies, athletes or fans, as a team we are one in victory or defeat. And when we are one, we rock. MAGYAROCK. WE ROCK.”

HOC Secretary General Bálint Vékássy said that “this concept of us all being Hungarians is what unifies us regardless of clubs, religion or the colour of our skin. This is the cause we aspire to. Our objective with this fan brand is to convey the century-old message of the Olympic Movement. We wish to show people how much Olympic values mean to us and to tell athletes and fans that we are here. We are one team, ready to overcome any obstacle, not only on the way to the next Olympic Games, but every day of the year”.

(HOC, photo: Magyarock/Péter Szalmás)

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